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Donal Heidenblad is an instructor and technologist with a focus on data.

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About Me

I am very happy to be a Lecturer at the College of Information Studies, University of Maryland. For those unfamiliar with UMD’s academic titles, lecturer is part of the professional faculty track at UMD. Professional track faculty are full-time faculty positions that do not lead to tenure. Lecturer is in the teaching track, which means that the primary focus is teaching and learning.

Before being becoming as a lecturer, I spent time in industry as a software developer, training engineer, and project manager. I’ve always enjoyed working to get answers out of datasets, whether that was keeping track of budgets in Excel or writing SQL queries to generate reports. I am now interested in exploring the many techniques that can be used to prepare data prior to analysis.

I have a BA in Philosophy from Ripon College and a MS in Information Systems from UMBC.


I am a dog person. These are my dogs, Duke and Hammond. Duke came with my partner and Hammond is a foster that we couldn’t give up. They are both rescues, so we don’t know why they are so pretty. Duke and Hammond


I am a cancer survivor. After 35 days in the hospital and nearly 2 years of chemo, I am in remission for Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia. Besides the support of my family and partner, I was also personally helped through this journey by these organizations:

While I did not directly receive help from Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, it in part through their
support of research that APL is so survivable. I would love for all cancers to be as treatable.

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